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Why do you remember the Yucatan?
It’s typical apparel Industry.
It’s Culture.
It’s Archaeology.
It’s Gastronomy.

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By the end of 1800s, the yucatecan upper class used to wear guayaberas, they bought them during their frequent trips to Cuba. When Fidel Castro assumed the control during the 60s, things changed, due to the local market demand, a group of yucatecan entrepreneurs, decided to manufacture guayaberas in Merida Yucatan Mexico.

Ten years later, the guayabera was so popular in the local, national and international market that a commercial slogan was created: "Yucatan is the door to the Mayan World and Merida is the capital of the guayabera"


"Guayaberas Jack" is one of the old and prestigious guayaberas manufacturers. Due to its quality and continuous innovation, this yucatecan company has world wide brand recognition. They still manufacture their products with a handcraft process, with the finest fabrics and materials. You will feel elegant and proud to wear a fine yucatecan guayabera.

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